Miranda's Puppy Parlour

Cougar the St. Bernard, Ari and Innuc the Malamutes and a host of Border Collies would like you to know that Miranda's Puppy Parlour is excellent for big dogs too!

Location 5 Hare Street Moil Darwin

Miranda's Puppy Parlour is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction and on keeping your best friend looking like a champion.

Services provided include coat clipping, grooming, shampoo and blow dry, nail clipping and general maintenance.

If you are coming in from outlying areas for the day leave your puppy with us.

If you have just bought a fluffy puppy and not sure how to groom and maintain it contact us for a free information session.‚Äč

Contact us for more details or to make an appointment

tel. 0415 987 728

Bella and Bailey are Polish lowland sheep dogs and totally beautiful. Only in Darwin for a short time. If you want to know more check out https://www.facebook.com/OneForEachPaw/

or Google " One For Each Paw"

Harley positively glowing after his wash, blow dry and thinning out.

Yoshi enjoying being blow dried.

Honey on one of her weekly visits

Charli B all spruced up and ready to go home.

Roxy the Silky Terrier puppy comes for her first visit.

Yoshi all spruced up and ready to go home.

Matty thinks there are too many big dogs on the website

Neo insisted on a photo to show he is as handsome as Claude.[Even if a lot smaller]

Yoshi looking beautiful after a bath and blow dry.

Claude posing half way through her clip.

Lily comes in for her first pamper and decides she rather likes it!

Charli B after a shampoo, blow dry and thinning out.

Duke the Airedale looking clean and tidy, briefly!

Jaffa demonstrating a very neat poodle sit.

Bath time for Ari

But if I am wet Miranda should be too!

I love the blow dry

Giorgio was handed in to the RSPCA, he was matted to the skin and covered in ticks. We had to give him a short back and sides to remove the solid matting, even his face had to be shaved it was so bad. With most of his fur removed you can see how undernourished he is. He was so good during all of this and will shortly be looking for a forever home. A gentle, loving little boy.

First two clients for the New Year and both really gorgeous

Millie a rather diminutive Border Collie.

Bomber is only 6 months old and has a lot of growing to do yet!

Alaska the Malamute resting after a full grooming.

Cooper and Rook groomed and waiting eagerly for their owner.

Purdy preening!

Digger looking spruce after a wash, blow dry and thinning.

Miss Muppett meets Princess Holly and they totally ignore each other

Missy the Norfolk Terrier seldom remains still long enough for a photo.

Otis the standard poodle meets Bebe the toy poodle, Bebe growls and Otis moves away.

Duke is a Border Collie Cross, Crossed with a Mastiff perhaps? A big soppy boy.

Capri after a bath and then blow dried

Ruby and Whitey

Lily the Clingon

Honey after her weekly visit.

Jasmin the Lagotto

Maddie and her new companion Oscar

Indie with her new friend Leia

Bruce the Labradoodle is only 4 months old and behaved superbly for his first groom.

Ari and Innuc the Malamutes looking smart and ready for Christmas.

Zac and Kodi looking cool after their summer clip.

The latest "puppies" in for a bath and haircut are Abbie and Dustie.

Griffin the Old English Sheepdog (puppy) was really feeling the heat.

Otis relaxes for his pedicure.

Purdy just waiting for Otis to finish his pedicure